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Wednesday 18 September 2013

White Top, Burgundy Pants and Scarf- Weekend Outfit

Most people think that scarves are only to be worn during colder months. I however beg to differ and genuinely think that they can be worn all year round, irrespective of the season. For this simple reason they are one of my favourite accessories. I mean adding a scarf instantly takes even the simplest outfits a notch up. If you don’t believe me, you can decide for yourself (by looking at the outfit below).

So I wore this outfit a few weeks ago for an evening out. It consists of a white top paired with maroon/burgundy pants and a fun scarf. The white top and maroon pants, just by themselves looked a little too simple, and although there’s nothing wrong with a simple outfit, I’m always looking for ways to add fun and interest to an outfit. And what better way to add fun than to have a gorgeous scarf thrown around the neck. I love this gray scarf which has (not so) little red foxes all over it. The quirky print and unusual colour combination make it for a unique piece. And the red print complements the maroon pants just fine. I wore black studded flats and carried my tan bag.

See how a scarf makes a simple outfit look put-together (almost instantly)!

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  1. Such a fun scarf! I love that it has foxes all over it - so cute!