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Thursday 19 September 2013

Pink, Frilly Top and Black Trousers- Work Outfit

Who doesn’t love pink?! And when pink and frills come as a package, it’s a winning combination right?! Well at least for me it is! :P

So it’s no surprise that I love this top. Let me just list out the reasons to you:
1.      The colour- magenta/pink
2.      Frills- it’s got frills all over the top half of the front
3.      Chinese Collar- I love.
4.      Work appropriate (as can be seen from the outfit photo).
5.      Can be worn tucked in a pair of skinnies or flared jeans for a night-out.

And now coming on to the outfit, yesterday, I teamed-up this top with my favourite black trousers and added a belt (in faux croc finish) to complete the look. For shoes I had my black pumps on and the bag I carried was the same one that I have been carrying for months now (so unlike me). I was also wearing hoop earrings and my regular arm-candy (not clearly visible in the photo).

I was happy with the outfit. And yes, I’m going to repeat it on rushed mornings. Also, the photo quality isn’t that great because it’s been taken from my i-touch. I do try to get photos clicked with a proper camera but on days when I don’t have time on hand, I just try to get photos clicked with whatever comes handy. Like they say, something is better than nothing! J

If you want to see what I’m wearing today, you can follow me on Instagram (clothesandcreativity).

Do you like pink and frills?


  1. so chic...love the frills on the top :)

    1. Thanks, Abhi! :)
      Looking forward to watch your Youtube videos!

  2. You look gorgeous ! Love the combo :D
    xoxo <3


  3. Pretty pink ruffle top!
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  4. Thats a really pretty top Anya. I have a thing for ruffles and chinese collars too!

    1. Thanks, Supria! :)
      Ruffles are so much fun! And Chinese collar adds sophistication to any outfit.