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Thursday, 18 July 2013


Product: Daily Scrub Cleanser for All Skin Types.
Packaging: This scrub comes in a white and blue tube with a screw cap. While the tube is not fancy by any means, it does look nice and crisp.
Quantity: 100 ml

Price: Rs. 279/-       

Product Quality: The Oriflame Essentials Daily Scrub Cleanser is a high quality product. It is white in colour and contains minute exfoliating particles (not really visible to the naked eye but can be felt on the skin) which are effective in cleansing the face and removing impurities and dead skin/cells. The scrub contains vitamin E which has beneficial properties and is supposed to be very good for the skin.
Now my skin type is ‘combination’. Another characteristic of my skin is that it is sensitive. If I use any product which doesn’t suit my skin, it breaks out immediately. And till date, whichever scrub I have tried has led to pimples and rashes. For the longest time I could not find a scrub which suited my skin type. But with this product, my search for the perfect scrub cleanser has come to an end. The scrub cleans my skin and leaves it feeling fresh. It is gentle on the skin and thus can be used daily to remove dirt and impurities from the skin.

Recommendation: This scrub is gentle on the skin and can be used daily, unlike other scrubs which are harsh and often leave the skin dry and itchy. This scrub can be used for sensitive skin. And the best part is that it is economical. So if you are looking for a scrub to thoroughly cleanse your skin without leaving it dry, look no more. This production is the solution to your problem.
Which scrub do you use? If you try this product, do drop a line and let me know your experience.                                                                                                


  1. looks like a good scrub... nice review Anya :)

    1. Thanks, Preeti!
      This scrub is gentle and great for sensitive skin.