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Sunday 2 October 2016

Dressing Trendy Without Spending A Penny

If you ask me I'm not someone who is super-trendy, and I am especially not the first one to jump on to new trends.

However, if I like a particular fashion trend, the first thing I try to do is look in to my ever-expanding wardrobe to see if I have any item to create the so-called trendy look, without having to spend any real money on the same. And this is what happened when I wanted to try out the oh-so-popular trend of wearing longer shirts over tops/tees and jeans. Now dusters are also a rage currently, and I do have a bohemian floor length kaftan/kimono style duster, but I was more interested in the mid-length shirt/buttoned tunic sort of a look. So after rummaging through my closet, I came across this striped dress, which can actually be worn multiple ways, thanks to the buttoned front. So after pulling this little number out of my closet I quickly picked out one of my favourite (and also fairly old) blue/white tops. I paired my blue skinny jeans with the top and the tunic/dress and voila...I created an outfit that was/is trendy without spending even a penny. So I encourage you guys to go through your existing clothes in order to recreate a trend without blindly heading to the shops to buy those "trendy" pieces.

BTW, if you have seen my Turkey Look-Books, you would know that I had worn this striped blue dress in magical Cappadocia.

Top: Mango
Striped Dress: Bought from Here
Sunglasses: Bangkok
Sandals: Bata
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

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