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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Floral Top, White Pants and Skinny Belt: Weekend Outfit

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of florals. So when I find myself in a fix, I subconsciously reach out to the floral items in my wardrobe- like this beautiful purple/pink floral top.

On Sunday, I wore this floral top with my white pants. Since the top is sheer, I wore a pink camisole underneath it. And to keep the outfit from looking boring, I added a skinny belt over the top, which kind of accentuated my waist (I think). For footwear I had my berry shoes on (love these). The colour of the shoes complements the pink undertones of the top. And I carried a coral pink sling bag (not in this photo). BTW, this floral top is a total style-score (more on it in an upcoming post)! I was mighty pleased with this outfit (not so pleased with the kind of swollen face).

White Pants: M&S
Berry Shoes: Tashi

How do you like this outfit?

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