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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Pattern Mixing: Polka Dots and Stripes

I know pattern mixing has been on trend for a while but I have stayed away from this trend, that is until now. I never really disliked the trend but somehow I didn’t find it interesting enough to wear it. However, Friday night we had to go to CR Park for Durga Pooja J (yearly tradition) and I just put this outfit together without realizing that I was indulging in pattern mixing.

My work out for Friday was kind of casual, and I didn’t have a lot of time to get dressed after work to go to the Pooja Pandal, so I just swapped my top and cardigan for this pink and white striped top. Rest of the items were the same from the day (black skinnies, polka dot scarf and tan bag).

I quickly got myself clicked before heading out.

I liked the outfit. What do you think? Do you like pattern-mixing?

Striped Top: Sister’s
Black Skinnies: Mango
Silver Flats: Gifted
Scarf: Moschino

In case you want to see what I wore over the weekend, you can follow me on Instagram (clothesandcreativity). I will do a detailed post on the weekend outfit soon.

I am linking up with Style Sessions on Lauren’s wonderful style blog Style Elixir.


  1. I love pattern mixing! I think this outfit looks great with high contrast colors and patterns!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :)
      I'm going to try pattern-mixing some more.

  2. Anya you look so cute in this outfit. That scarf is awesome. Wow!! I love your gorgeous bag!!
    Did you enjoy your night out?

  3. I mix just about anything that would make my outfit cohesive and yet trendy. Loving your scarf!!
    stopping by from http://willfullyelegant.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks, WE! :)
      I'm going to give this trend a chance!