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Thursday 11 July 2013


You probably know by now that I heart floral prints. And if I could, I would wear them every single day…err…maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the idea.

So I am always looking for ways to incorporate floral prints in to my work attire. And it is not an easy task because my office does not have a casual vibe. But still, with the right pieces, I try to make florals work for work…hahaa!

Yesterday was one such day when I was in the mood for some floral fun (what does floral fun mean…even I don’t know). So I paired up my olive green floral top with chocolate brown trousers. Since the print on the top is subtle, it doesn't look inappropriate for a business casual work setting. I wore my brown pumps and carried my trusted tan bag.

Don’t mind the hair. They were freshly washed and left unattended thereafter. Also, in case you are wondering why I have those sunglasses on ALL the time, that’s because the sun shines pretty bright where I take photos (and also because I love those sunglasses).

Do you wear florals to work? DO you like florals at all?