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Wednesday 10 July 2013


People either love animal prints or they don’t. I fall in the former category. I think the right dose of animal print can add interest and spunk to your outfit. But then again, some consider animal prints to be tacky and garish. I, however, do not think so.
I have a couple of animal print pieces in my wardrobe (tops, dresses, bags and shoes) and I enjoy wearing them in informal as well as formal settings.
What makes animal-print pieces work in a formal/business casual setting:

  • They should be added in small doses- a top, pair of shoes, scarf or handbag (animal-print dresses are absolutely inappropriate for work unless you work in the creative field).
  •  Pairing up your animal print piece with other more formal accessories- in my case (photo below), I teamed-up the top with formal black trousers and wore black pumps. I think the accessories helped keeping the outfit towards the formal side (although not too formal).
  •  In case of a clothing item, it helps if the animal print is subtle and not too loud.

So, getting on to my outfit, I wore a sheer animal-print top along-with my black trousers to work yesterday. My footwear of choice was black pumps and the bag I carried was my regular tan one. Just to make the outfit a little more coordinated, I wore some brown earrings which pulled the brown/black colour of the top rather well.

Brown-ear studs to go with the top

How do you like this outfit? Do you wear animal-prints at work? I would like to know your thoughts on the same.

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