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Monday 17 June 2013


Although a dress, a pair of jeans and tee, or tunic and leggings etc. can sometimes look good in themselves, but accessories are the much needed items which complete any outfit and help make ones appearance look put-together and polished.

Personally, I love accessorizing almost every outfit and cannot lay enough stress on the importance of accessorizing. To illustrate the importance of accessories, I have broken down my outfit down in to 3 parts, basically showing how I built up the outfit from basics with the help of accessories.

1.      I started off with a simple gray tunic paired with some black leggings. Although there is nothing wrong with the outfit, the outfit in itself looks dull and boring. The tunic looks shapeless and does nothing for my body-type.

2.      To give a little structure to the outfit I added a belt around the waist. The belt helps accentuate my waist and makes the tunic look feminine.

3.      And lastly, I added a scarf to complete the look. Since the basic outfit consists of neutrals and is rather dull, I chose a bright floral scarf to brighten the look.

For footwear I am wearing my black, studded flats and the bag I am carrying is my pink/black Zara sling bag. I am also wearing silver hoop earrings which help brighten the metallic gray of the tunic.

I am looking forward to your valuable suggestions, comments and feedback.

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