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Wednesday 31 August 2016

OOTD & Try-On Fashion Haul || KOOVS & Zara

Stripes are a classic in their own right and I really feel that one can't have enough stripe-y items in their wardrobe. At least I feel that whenever I shop, I subconsciously gravitate towards stripes- and that's the reason I bought two striped maxi dresses (and a lot more) from the recent online Koovs Sale. I've also included a beautiful white cape that I bought from Zara fairly recently.

The one in the first photo is pretty much a classic black-white striped maxi, but the bohemian maxi (photo 2) is the one which is my absolute favourite, and that's because I'm not the only one who loves this colourful number, it seems Kareena Kapoor and I have similar taste when it comes to 'fashion'. She was spotted wearing the same maxi on Saif's birthday. And wait for it, just when you thought Kareena and I had only this maxi dress in common, there's another maxi that we both own, but to know which maxi is that you'll have watch the video. ;)

BTW, I also picked up a few kimonos which I'm sure all you kimono fans would love.


  1. I love strips, too, and always gravitate towards them... I love the striped maxi dress!

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  2. Hi ,
    Its very good collection and I really like your lipshade .Please do post on all lipshade you wear in all videos specifically mrinda kerr and if you could do please do makeup look that yu wear in every video and