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Friday 29 July 2016

How I Celebrated My Birthday: Outfit and Gifts

So I recently turned a year older, and I firmly believe that growing up doesn't have to mean you're growing old! :) Honestly, age is just a number, and the older (and wiser) I grow, the  more I realise the same! ;)

To give you guys a glimpse of my Birthday Celebrations, I filmed a short Birthday Vlog for you guys (you'll get a sneak peek of Birthday Outfit and Birthday Gifts)! Hope you guys like it.

And for those of you who are at work or are unable to play the video for some reason, here's a photo of my Birthday Outfit - it's a burgundy coloured high-low dress from Zara with beautiful but subtle embroidery on the neckline. I kept my outfit fairly simple, thanks to the hot and humid weather. I have shared all other outfit details in the video.

Click here to see what I wore on my last Birthday.

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