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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

OOTD: Durga Pooja

As much as I love to dress-up for festivals, sometimes I do like to give a casual spin to my outfit. And that’s exactly what happened on Durga Pooja this year.

Now every year we try to visit the Pooja Pandal at Chittaranjan Park, and this year was no different. But because of past experience, I know that wearing something elaborate while pandal hopping is not a good idea. Sure there are tons of beautiful girls rocking gorgeous Indian attire, but that’s not my cup of tea, when the first thing on my agenda is to hog on some delicious fish curry. ;) So to cut a long story short, I teamed-up my dark blue skinnies with a floral top that I bought from Sarojini Nagar a couple of months back. And since the weather has become nippy, I threw on my favourite denim shirt/jacket to keep me comfy. For footwear I obviously chose my silver ballet flats, and that’s because I cannot imagine sauntering in heels in crowded places. 

Click on the play button in case you want to have a glimpse at all the festivities. :)

Outfit details:
Top and Denim Shirt: Sarojini Nagar
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Bata, Bangkok
Bag: Zara (visible in the video)
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

PS: We also spotted Mr. Kejrival at the Pandal. 


  1. Casual look. Looks very nice.

  2. Looks like the perfect outfit for an evening festival! xo Tammy


  3. You look pretty :)

  4. So cute and casual! Perfect for a festival! And I love the silver ballet flats (I always love metallic ballet shoes). And a big YUMMY to fish curry. I have not had Indian food in quite some time...I am going to have to seek out a local Indian restaurant in my area (although it is not very diverse where I live, ugh.)



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