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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Indian Wedding Guest: OOTD

Remember how I promised to do a series of posts on Indian Wedding Outfits and then almost never followed-up. Well, here I am today, trying to fulfill my promise.

I am going to start this series by sharing this beautiful saree that I wore to a friend’s engagement a couple of months back.

Now just to point out, I always intend to wear sarees to Indian functions, but it just so happens that I do not always have the time/assistance to drape the whole nine yard. So when I had to attend a friend’s engagement, I was determined to wear a saree. And I knew that I did not want to wear the heavy, shimmery stuff, just something bright and elegant. I have a couple solid chiffon sarees and knew that the one in bright blue would look for perfect for a summer engagement party. I did not have a matching blouse, but hey, who wants to wear a matching one? Not me for sure. So I decided I wanted to wear a contrasting blouse. Initially I thought of pairing up the saree with a floral blouse, but for certain reasons, I could not get one tailored in time. So the next best thing was to raid my Mum’s wardrobe. And what I found was much better than whatever they sell at the boutiques today. I found a stunning rani pink blouse with intricate embroider in yellow/blue/lilac/gold/green. And I knew I had found the perfect blouse for my saree. Now this blouse is just about 20 years old! Yes, you heard that right! And it needed no alteration.

So the outfit looked something like this.

Apart from wearing statement earrings, I kept the accessories subtle. I sported bright pink lips, to match the colour of the blouse and I tucked in all my necessities (lipstick, mirror, perfume) in a little silk pochette. I was really happy with my look. What do you think? Do you borrow/re-design clothes from your Mum’s wardrobe?

I love hearing what you have to say so do drop in a line or two.

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  1. You look so beautiful, Anya. The color suits you so well. Happy weekend.

  2. Uncannily, I wore an inverse color combination a few days ago! Pink chiffon saree with blue embroidered blouse.
    You look pretty here. :-)

  3. you look soo pretty .. simple classy and elegant.. btw love your hair :)

    Chic Peachy Pink / Twitter / Instagram / BlogLovin' / Facebook

  4. You look beautiful! Love the colors in your outfit!

  5. Lovely! I love to find older even vintage clothing in my mom and aunties closets.