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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Easy Outfit Formula for Work/Office + OOTD

How many of us have woken up in the morning with absolutely no clue as to what to wear to work, and in a rush to get ready and reach office on time, we often end up wearing the same run-of-the-mill outfits (read button-up with trousers). I know I have faced this ever so often.

But now I’ve figured a rather simple solution to this ‘office outfit’ situation. There’s a simple formula that works like magic, especially in the current weather (cold-ish). Just choose a blouse/semi-formal top and pair it with a pair of trousers. I’d suggest try picking up a top which complements the trousers, like if the trousers are gray, then a floral top which has specks of gray would look great. You could also choose a top which is in contrast with the trousers, and that’d also look great (like in the outfit below). And then, to keep yourself cozy, and to make the outfit a little polished (work appropriate), just add a cardigan in a neutral colour. You can obviously jazz-up the outfit by carrying a nice bag (or wearing a scarf, statement necklace, or nice earrings), but basically, the ‘trouser + top + cardigan’ formula is all you need to get dressed in a rush. A little trick to choose the top + trouser combination is to think about it while you go to sleep the night before, so that once you’re up next morning, you just have to grab those items (and maybe iron them) and get dressed.

Like in the outfit below, I chose navy blue trousers and paired them up with an emerald coloured sheer top (previously worn here and here). The top has a bowtie and hence, looks office appropriate. To finish the look, and to keep myself warm, I just added a gray cardigan to the mix. The bag that I’ve been using since a while is navy blue in colour and so it complements the trousers rather nicely. For footwear, I just chose tan flats. Since I chose contrasting colours (navy trousers and emerald top), I kept the accessories minimal with pearl earrings and rose-gold watch. I feel this outfit is fun yet work-appropriate.

Top: Gifted
Trousers: Marks & Spencer
Bag: Zara
Cardigan : Watch out for my next haul video where’ll I’ll disclose the source. J
Shoes and Sunglasses: Primark
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

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