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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Floral Funk: What I Wore to a House Party

It was Saturday night and although I did feel like dressing-up for a house party/dinner that we had to attend, I did not really feel like making a ton of effort with regard to the same.

After browsing through my closet for about 2 minutes, and trying on another dress, I decided to sport this floral one for two reasons:
1.      Florals are my favourite print.

2.      This dress doesn’t really any accessories- it speaks for itself (or so I think).

Once I put on the dress, I was quick to pair it with my orange peeptoes. The peeptoes bookend the flowers rather well. Like I said, this dress doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing, so on the accessories front, I kept things super simple- some simple pearl studs and my rose-gold watch were all I had on. And I stashed my lipstick and other little necessities in a studded sling bag.

If you want to know more about this dress, you can read the story here.


  1. you look so cute...exactly this dress speaks for itself...you got a nice blog..can we follow each other...

  2. Love the peeptoes with that dress!


  3. you look so sweet! no related to this post but we've tagged you for a Leibster Award on our blog :)