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Thursday, 9 January 2014

OOTD featuring my New Scarf

Those of you who have been here before would know that I’m a big fan of scarves, so much so that I wear them (almost) on a daily basis.  So you can imagine my joy when my Mum surprised me with a gorgeous new scarf.

As much as I love my scarf collection, I was sort of bored of it (I did not shop for a single clothing item this winter- will do a post on it soon), so I was only too happy when my Mum told me that she had bought a couple of scarves and shawls, and that she had picked up one for me. When I saw the scarf, I was beyond joyous. It is such a gorgeous piece, with intricate Kashmiri embroidery in reds, greens and orange on black background. It’s like the perfect accessory for a cozy winter outfit.

Without wasting a day, I built an outfit around the scarf- I started by wearing a basic black full-sleeve tee and added a half-sweater (not visible in the photo) to keep myself warm. On top of that I layered my rust/burnt orange cardigan (last worn here) as I thought the colour of the cardigan would complement the embroidery on the scarf. I wore my basic black trousers, and to make the look more office appropriate, I added a gray blazer. Now my choice of shoes was rather interesting (in my opinion). It’s deep purple, patent leather, black heeled shoes- super comfy and sturdy. I also wore some chunky gold earrings that I picked up fairly recently. Oh and how can any outfit be complete without my tan bag! J

This outfit made me happy J  Thanks so much for commenting on my last post.

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  1. I wish I looked so good when I wear my scarf!

  2. Great one Anya. I love your blazer, it's so chic and elegant. Beautiful sunnies!!!!

  3. ILOVEYOURSCARF! may I have it? LOL

  4. same pinch.. I have this Kashmiri Scarf in brown shade

  5. Scarf is so feminine and beautiful :)