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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Six Essential Wardrobe Pieces for Fall/Autumn

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I just didn’t get down to doing it. Anyhow, here it is, now J

It is officially Fall/Autumn in Delhi I mean it is October end and early mornings and evenings and are kind of nippy, and in all honesty, I can almost do without a fan!

So today I’ll just talk about some (6, to be precise) clothing items and accessories that will help us transition in to Fall/Autumn.

1.      Denim Shirt/Denim Jacket/Chambray Shirt- I think a denim shirt/jacket is a great ‘completer’ piece to have in one’s wardrobe. It can be teamed-up with a pair of jeans or skirt or it can be layered with a tee/dress underneath it. When it starts to get cold, but it isn’t so cold as to use a sweater or a warm jacket, I love adding a denim shirt over my regular tee to keep me cozy. You can have a look at how I wear my denim/chambray shirt here, here and here.

2.      Scarf: Actually, scarves are my favourite accessories and I firmly believe that they can be used all year round- what with the huge variety they come in?! In Fall/Autumn, a warm, snuggly scarf always comes in handy. You can always carry a scarf in your handbag and come evening, you can throw it around your neck. Also, if you’re wearing a neutral or dull outfit, a scarf is a great way to introduce a pop of colour and make the outfit interesting. Similarly, if you’re wearing a solid outfit, a printed scarf is a great way to add some pattern to the look. I wear scarves on a regular basis and you can see some of the outfits here and here.

3.      Coloured Pants: Floral Pants- I heart coloured pants. Really! They are just so versatile and can be teamed up with more top and tees than you actually think. I have coral and burgundy maroon and I have gotten so much use out of them. You know in the changing seasons, when it’s dusk at 5pm, and the streets seem quiet and empty, a bright pair of pants help uplift the mood. Well they are more fun than the regular ones- that’s for sure! And if you want to experiment a little, you could always get yourself a pair of floral trousers. Remember the one I bought- I was a little skeptical in the beginning but I have grown to love them. 

4.      Cardigans- A couple of light-weight cardigans are your best bet in Fall/Autumn. They keep you cozy and add interest as a 3rd piece to the outfit. I don’t know why people always associate cardigans with winters! Nowadays there’s so much variety in the market- you get nice, bright lightweight cotton/mixed cardigans that aren’t super warm- basically they are perfect for this weather. I use mine at work as well, just cause I sometimes can’t bear the AC. Also, a coloured cardigan is almost as good as a neutral one. Don’t believe me, see how I wear my teal cardigan here, here, here and here.

5.      Ballet Flats: Ballet flats in black, beige or other such neutral colour really come in use at this time of the year- you can wear them to work and play. And they protect your feet from the cold wind.

6.      Leggings: Can be worn under tunics and dresses when it gets cold to go bare leg. They are great for keeping the chill away, and since they come in variety of colours, one can choose from a huge colour palette. I usually wear mine with tunics and dresses.

Now this list is not an exhaustive list by any means, I just jotted these items down based on my personal use and experience. Autumn/Fall is the time where it’s not exactly cold but evenings and early morning definitely get nippy. And if you’re like me and like keeping cozy, then the above items will help you do just that, and that too in a fun and interesting way (I’m talking about coloured pants and funky scarves)!

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  1. Love all your picks! They are pretty much essential for a fall wardrobe. Great post and thanks for vising The Domestic Fringe today.


    1. Thanks, Tricia! :)
      Loved how you remixed your clothes to get maximum use out of them.

  2. hii ,I love yr blog spl for the office wear ootd that you do....
    where do you buy your scarf and formal tops from?

    1. Thanks, different strokes! :)
      I pick up my office tops from Van Heusen, Mango, M&S and other such stores! I also lookout for office wear at export houses! They usually have nice stuff!

      As for scarves, try the little boutiques at Janpath- they stock scarves in a multitude of colours and fabrics!