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Saturday 7 September 2013

Hair Accessories- The Easy Way to Style Your Hair

I have long, straight hair and styling it is often hard. I mean my hair just doesn’t stay in place for long, no matter how many bob-pins I use! And I often find it frustrating to style my hair when going out. So usually I just wear it straight and simple. I do sometimes use hair-spray to make my hair stay in place, but then again the hair spray leaves my hair more dry than stable. Any of you recommend a good hairspray?!

So what do I do to make my hairstyle look a little fancier without trying to stick too many bob-pins in it?! I just add a fun hair-clip/hair accessory. Seriously, these little hair-clips are the best thing ever, especially if you have hair like mine (which are super-difficult to style). I have quite a few hair-clips in fun colours and shapes and just putting one in my hair makes my whole outfit look so much better. It makes me feel like I’ve put in a ton of effort to style my hair but in reality I’ve just worn this one fun, quirky piece. There is an endless variety to choose from in the market.  Here are a few hair-clips that I wear quite often.

The bow and the flowers are from the Trade Fair (Thailand Pavillion) and my Mum got the cute butterfly clip (in a ton of colours) for me. Basically, wearing fun, quirky hairclips is my quick-fix mantra for a fancy hair-do! What’s yours?

BTW, one of my very dear friends suggested that I do a post on hair-accessories J Needless to say, she has gorgeous hair!


  1. Amazing ideas Anya :) Totally agree! Finding a good hairspray is often difficult but after trying and testing a lot of hair sprays, I found my HG, Paul Mitchell Super Clean spray :) Hope it helped <3