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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Happy Independence Day: Outfit of the Day

Hello lovely readers! Wishing you all Happy Independence Day.

One of the reasons I love this day is because well, it’s a holiday (apart from the fact that India attained its independence on this day). So making maximum use of this day, I slept off till (reasonably) late, although I would have liked to sleep a little more. Once I woke up, I had plans of going grocery shopping with my Mum and little sister. I know it doesn’t sound too exciting but I am really kicked about my new-found love for healthy food, and I was excited to pick up some fresh greens for my meal. Apart from veggie shopping, I also bought a Clean and Clear face-wash-cream combo (and topped up my toiletries). Let me know if you would like me to do a review on it. So basically after a couple of hours of intense shopping, we got back home tired. But my tiredness didn’t get in the way of getting photos clicked.

So coming on to today’s outfit, since I didn’t have too much time to get dressed-up, I wore my dark blue skinny jeans with this lovely floral, crochet detail cowl-neck Ann Taylor top (you can see here) that my sister bought recently. She picked it up from an export house for almost 1/20th the original price (it retails for INR 3800/- or USD 70). What A score! I absolutely love the vibrant colours and the lace/crochet detail. I tucked this lovely top in to my jeans and finished the look with a brown skinny belt. I just carried my phone and i-touch in my brown sling/fringe bag. For footwear I had my comfy silver flats on. To let the crochet/lace detail show, I tied my hair in a bun (also because I was too lazy to try any other hairstyle :P). And I just had my rose-gold watch on along-with a pearl bracelet and some bangles.

Drop me a line about your style score. J


  1. That top is so cute! You definitely got a great deal!

  2. Nice top, that small detailing makes it more special :)

  3. Beautiful, loving everything! I especially love thelace back of the top!

    Aesthetic Lounge

    1. Thanks, Mimi! :)
      I think the lace back makes the top somewhat fancy and special!