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Wednesday 17 July 2013

BUSINESS CASUAL- Printed Blue Top and Black Pants

On some days, I find it challenging to dress-up for work. Although the dress-code at work is not strictly business formals (unless we have client meetings, conference or Court in which case there is a strict code- black and white formals), one (at least) has to be dressed their best in business casuals. Now what constitutes the ‘business-casuals’ is not easy to decipher. But I try my best to stick to clean lines and crisp silhouettes.

Keeping in mind my concept of business-casuals, I teamed up my sheer blue printed top (obviously with a black camisole underneath) with some black pants. I carried my trusted tan bag, although I think I better switch to another bag cause I have been using this for some time now, and wore my comfy black pumps. And since I woke up on time (which is a rarity) I had the time to wear my long hair in a braid. Overall, I was happy with this outfit.

Do you find it challenging to dress-up for work?