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Thursday, 4 July 2013


I got married fairly recently and was on a break from work till now. As you know, I am a lawyer by profession and I’m currently working with a law firm. I resumed work from July 2013 and have just been trying to juggle work and home and find a perfect harmony between the two.

The dress code in the office is business formals, but then again not strictly so. While on most days I am suited up in trousers and shirt (and black and white when I have to go to Court), some days  I try to get a little creative and add some accessories (a scarf or some dangling earrings) just to make the outfit a little fun and interesting.

Coming on to my outfit for the first day of work (after the break), I tried to stick o business formals but added my own twist to it- and the twist was in the form of flat sandals that I teamed up with a formal, striped pussy bow shirt and some black trousers. I also wore some dangling earrings (not too clear in the photo). The bag I carried was my tan one- great for dumping a lot of (unnecessary) stuff.

Looking at the photo, I do not think I would wear the flat sandals with this outfit again (it just doesn’t look quite right or nice), but then again I might just get lazy and give my black pumps a miss! ;)

What is the dress-code at your office? I look forward to your feedback.

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