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Friday 9 August 2013


One of the make-up items I cannot do without is ‘Kajal’. I need to define my eyes with Kajal before I leave the house. And over the years, I have had the opportunity to try a variety of brands of Kajal. Some weren’t true black, some would melt, smudge and darken the under eye area, and others would not give the desired effect. In short, I could not really find the perfect Kajal that would stay good for a couple of hours. I did take a liking to the Maybelline Kajal for a while, but thought that it kind of smudged by the end of the day. So I was looking for an alternative. I had read great reviews about the ‘Incolor’ kajal on the internet and so I picked it up from one of the make-up stores at Karol Bagh a couple of months back.

Packaging: The Kajal comes in the form of a black, twist-up pencil.

Price: Rs. 125/-.

Product Quality: The Kajal is a nice, deep black in colour. One swipe is enough to outline the eye. And it glides on smoothly without breaking or becoming patchy. One can draw a consistent, thick line, defining one’s eyes easily. And the best part is that it stays on for long hours. I am talking 6 to 8 hours. Yes, you read it right, 6-8 hours, so you know your eyes are taken care of with one swipe of this Kajal in the morning. Another thing which I like about this Kajal is that it does not smudge. I wear my Kajal in the morning when I’m getting ready for work and the Kajal stays fine till the time I’m back home. Ever since I started using this Kajal, I have been hooked on to it. I do not feel the need to switch to another Kajal.

  Beautiful black colour.
  Consistent and thick. One swipe is enough to define the eyes.        
  Stays on for long hours.
  Does not smudge/Waterproof.

None really!
Recommendation/Comments: This Kajal is excellent. I say go for it.

Please drop me a line if you have tried this Kajal.


  1. wow! such a great product for an affordable price. Nice review Anya :)

  2. a friend of mine swore by this for her wedding but i have not been able to find it anywhere. Is it a twist up pencil or does it require sharpening? looks really good

    1. It's a twist-up pencil. Try checking out the make-up stores in Karol Bagh (if you reside in Delhi). I picked up mine from there.

  3. i rely on this kajal totally, i have bought 5 of this & stored them up ....