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Thursday 8 August 2013

A Dash of Coral to Cheer Me Up- Outfit!

I have been a little under the weather L Did not even go to work today. The weather is lovely and I can hardly enjoy it.

Anyway, all of you know that I am obsessed with my coral pants and have worn them multiple times ever since I bought them. This outfit is from last Sunday- Coral pants teamed-up with gray tee and some red/orange necklace. I carried my studded black leather bag and chose my black studded flats to go with the bag. I absolutely love this bag- it’s got both silver and gold hardware on it and is just so versatile. Perfect for both day and night. My arm candy consisted of the usual rose-gold watch with some sparkly bangles and pearl and gold bracelet. Just looking at those bright coral pants cheers me up. BTW, this outfit was an absolute last moment decision- I got dressed in like 2 minutes...not kidding!

How do you like it? Comments and feedback welcome.



  1. Nice outfit Anya. Like the chain bag :)

  2. Hey there, it's the first time i am seeing your eyes. you have an amazing face and smile. awesome outfit review and get well soon

    1. Thanks! :)
      Most of the time I wear sunglasses because of the sunlight. However, it's been cloudy lately, hence sans sunglasses.

  3. pant color is cute... and you look pretty girl

  4. This is such a nice casual outfit!