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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Mix and Match Indian Outfit

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and/or have subscribed to my YouTube Channel would know that I have been attending weddings (and other related functions) back to back, and boy am I glad that the first installment of the ‘wedding season’ is over!

Now that I have some breathing space, I will share with you all the fancy clothes I wore to these weddings, starting with this beautiful outfit which was a result of my mix-and-match genius…haha! Now I know when we think of ‘mix-and-match’ outfits, the ones that pop-up in our mind our usually western ones. But since I was so bored with my (not really) old ‘salwar-kameez’, I decided to give them a spin by creating new combinations. Starting with this one, which is a result of this outfit + this outfit. As you can see, the kurta is from a red suit, and the dupatta is from a cream/blue chanderi suit. The red pants are the ones which I got stitched last season to wear with another ‘salwaar-kameez’, so basically, all three components are from three different outfits, but they do combine nicely to make this outfit that I wore to a friend’s Shagun, and then to another friend’s engagement last week.

For accessories I wore nice, big pearl/kundan earrings, and I did carry a deep yellow silk pochette (not visible in this photo). For footwear I chose my favourite gold sandals, they have a bit of heel but are still comfortable (and sparkly). I did open my hair for the functions so this is not the hairstyle I sported, but overall, this is the look I wore for two of the wedding functions last week.

Do you mix-and-match your Indian Outfits? Do leave in a comment. J

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  1. That's sheer brilliance
    You should be a stylist. You really style pieces so well together to form the perfect outfit. Nor everyone has this kind of a stylish sense. It usually involves a lot of thought to get it all together.

  2. Really this is nice combination..you are looking pretty on this outfits.

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  3. You look so pretty :)


  4. Beautiful! I always love the vibrant colors and embroidery of Indian clothing. You look amazing!