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Friday 9 August 2013

Hot Pink Pants, White Top and Chambray Shirt: Weekend Outfit

What’s with me and coloured pants?! Seriously, I’ve been obsessing with them. And to be honest, all I’ve got are two coloured pants!!! Burgundy (or Maroon) and Coral. So you’re thinking whose are those hot pink pants she’s wearing? Well well...all of us who have got sisters know that our wardrobe isn’t complete until we borrow (or steal) a few pieces from our sisters’ wardrobe! And so I laid my hands on these hot pink pants as soon as I could.

In my head I had a lot of combinations centred around these hot pink pants, but pairing these up with a flowy white top and a chambray shirt felt like the best bet in this humid weather. And guess what...the chambray shirt and the beaded necklace also belong to my sister. Let’s say my only contribution to this outfit is the white top, and the fact that I put it all together to make this outfit stand out. J

My bag of choice was the brown fringe/sling bag and I added some sparkle in the form of my arm candy (rose-gold watch, pearl bracelet and some sparkly bangles). For footwear I had my golden flats on. And I was wearing the cutest heart-shaped studs in my ears. I clicked a few photos but none came out too well.

White Top: Calvin Klein                                   
Chambray Shirt: Zara
Pink Pants: no clue
Sling Bag: Mango
Rose-gold watch: Tommy Hilfiger
Bracelets and Necklace: Assorted
Footwear: Gifted

How many of you borrow clothes from your sisters? Drop me a line if you are aware of the joy of sharing. J


  1. Wow! Beautifully put together :) Chambray is awesome, it seems to go with everything. I like how you have layered it over white :)

    1. Thanks, Supria! :)
      I think chambray shirts are the one of the best layering pieces.