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Thursday, 25 July 2013


Colored denims/pants/trousers have been around for a while now, and I have really taken a liking to this trend. Although I cannot boast of having a lot of coloured bottoms, I do have my beloved burgundy/maroon pants that I bought more than a year ago. And ever since I have wanted to pick up jeans in some other colours, coral being on top of that list.

Now as fate would have it, while strolling around the mall after work I decided to check out the sale at Marks & Spencer. I headed straight to the ‘Bags’ section and was disappointed to know that there was no discount on bags. Sigh!

Nevertheless I gathered my enthusiasm and browsed through the clothing section. Almost instantly I chanced upon this gorgeous pair of jeans and in the colour that I had always wanted…CORAL! And to my joy, the store had my size. Without wasting a second, I tried the jeans and they fit like a glove. Within minutes, I was walking out of the store with my (now) faourite pair of coloured jeans. And you know what was the cherry on the cake, the awesome discount! They were super-economical (if any of you want to know the price, drop in a comment).

Now that the coral beauty was in my possession, I wanted to wear it at the earliest possible occasion. And since the next day was a weekday, I had to wait till Saturday (smart casuals at work) to rock them. So on Saturday, I teamed-up the jeans with a white linen collarless shirt. I threw on a colourful striped scarf which went rather well with the coral jeans. For accessories I added some bracelets with my rose-gold watch and for footwear I had my silver flats on. Since I was heading for work, I carried my huge tan bag. And I also added some dangly white earrings. I was happy with the outfit, not so much with the photo. The photos were taken in a rush, but I couldn’t wait to introduce you all to my new purchase so I uploaded the photo anyway.

I have worn these twice already. Will do another outfit post (featuring them) soon. J Also, the jeans appear to be orange-ish in the photo but they are actually a deep coral in colour.

Do you like coloured jeans/pants?


  1. Love this outfit. Exactly my style. I love me some coloured jeans too ;)

  2. I never used to like coloured pants but changed my mind about a year ago! You look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Kayennat!
      I've really taken a liking to the coloured pants trend!

  3. Love coloured pants!! So comfy and so chic! Love your outfit :)