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Wednesday 24 July 2013

POP of PINK: Outfit of the Day

I am a big fan of colour. I like colour in my clothing, accessories, home décor and everything else. And I have a thing for brights. I just love bright and colourful things. You can label me ‘childish’ but I really don’t care. Bright colours make me happy and uplift my spirit. And if it was possible, I’d be dressed in brights everyday. But since that is far from possible, I try to incorporate colour even when I am wearing a neutral (read bleaaah) outfit.

Coming on to today’s outfit, which is pretty much black, with specks of white on the blouse, I knew I needed some colour to get me going. And so I added a pop of pink in the form of a scarf/stole. The outfit instantly seemed more cheerful and so did my mood. Such is the effect of colour on one’s mood (at least mine). And a pop of pink never fails!

The accessories were simple- silver hoop earrings and my silver watch with pink sparkly bangles and a pearl bracelet. I am wearing a necklace around my neck which cannot be seen in the photo. For footwear I had my comfy black pumps on and carried the huge tan bag. I really need to switch my stuff to another bag but the current one seems so convenient (or I am plain lazy). Monotony has set in and it’s time that I get use out of one of my other bags!

Do you like colours or prefer neutrals?


  1. Hello hunn, Thank you for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. Please feel free to follow on Google Friend Connect or bloglovin for new outfit posts and updates. You are so correct a pop of colour makes a huge difference to any outfit.I love the hot pink on you.

    1. Thanks, Miss J! :)
      Looking forward to your outfit posts!