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Monday, 22 July 2013


How many of you shook a leg to Gangnam Style? Not me. Honestly, I did not get the humour in the music or the video, so while the whole world was tripping on Gangham Style, I was trying to run away from it.

I cannot say the same is true for ‘Gingham Style’…Checks. They are a classic and have been a constant in the ever-changing fashion scenario. I personally like gingham shirts. They are easy to wear and suit every body-type. So one cannot really go wrong with a gingham shirt paired and basic jeans/trousers.

Coming on to my outfit, I teamed up this red/white gingham shirt with black trousers and black pumps. Nothing fancy, just plain and simple. I believe this shirt is quite common and can be seen around a lot IRL. I had bought it a couple of years back and I think I’ve gotten enough use out of it so it might be on its way out (from my wardrobe).

Do you like gingham/check shirts? How does this outfit look?


  1. I liked your outfit! Very Basic style that wors for everyone...Btw even I never understood the Video really... :)


  2. Richa, thanks! :)
    And Hi 5 for the silly video!

  3. Nice!! It's gangnam style waise :D

    1. Thanks, Karishma!
      I know it's Gangham Style. I was talking about the Gingham (print) shirt in the outfit! :)