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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Vintage, Polka Dot Midi Skirt and Bright Blue Tee- Weekend Outfit

On one of my recent flea-market visits, I wore this vintage-y black/white polka-dot midi skirt with a bright blue top. Now I don’t usually wear skirts or dresses during trips to flea-markets and usually prefer to rock a tunic/loose tee with some leggings (easy and comfortable). But it had been a while since I had worn my polka-dot midi (last worn hereand I just felt like giving it some TLC. I think the length of the skirt (it being a midi) helped in a way- I could sit, bend and sift through heaps of clothes, accessories and all that fun stuff without being awkward  The bag I carried was this huge black one with ikat print in blue/mustard/white (I usually carry this bag when I go flea-market shopping, it's just great to stuff all the goodies and you don't need to take those unnecessary polybags that the vendors provide- I try to be eco-frinedly you see :)). The blue in the bag complemented the blue tee. And since flea-market shopping involves a lot of walking, and the surroundings aren’t exactly spic and span, I wore my black studded flats, which I thought went well with the skirt. I also wore a blue necklace which can’t be seen clearly in the photo (but you can have a look at it here).

I thought the outfit looked just about ok. Although I like this skirt (considering it’s an absolute style score that I thrifted) I think that it somehow makes me look bigger than I really am!

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Skirt: Thrifted
Tee: Don’t remember
Footwear: Bata

How do you like this outfit?