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Saturday 22 June 2013

NAIL-PAINTS: Bright or Subtle?

Nail-paints are the easiest way to incorporate colour in to your everyday look. Even if you are wearing clothes in the neutral colour-palette, wearing bright colours on your nails can instantly brighten your look.

My current favourite is Maybelline Expresse Finish in #505 Cherise Cherry. The colour is just gorgeous and makes the hands look feminine and well cared for. I almost always favour bright nail-paints over pale/metallic ones as a pop of colour on the nails always looks great.

Also, I got featured on  http://www.peachesandblush.com/2013/06/pb-snapshots-nail-polishes-we-love.html                  Please check-out the link.

How do you like your nail-paint? Shiny and bright or subtle and muted? Do write in your comments.

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