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Monday 16 September 2013

New Floral Pants and White Top- Weekend Outfit

I’m not really a big follower of trends. I mean I do like to wear clothes that are on trend, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to incorporate any and every current trend. Basically, I like to wear clothes that look good on me and flatter my body-type. Who cares if they are from the 80’s! That being said, I do shop for clothes which are ‘in’ at the moment- read maxi, colour-blocked items, coloured pants etc.

One such trend of which I wasn’t a big fan, and had shied away from sporting was ‘floral pants’. Floral pants have been around for some time and can be seen everywhere- from the ramps to the streets. However, I wasn’t too keen on spending around Rs.3,000/- (USD55) for a piece of clothing that I wasn’t even sure would look good on me. Anyhow, as fate would have it, while out on my recent flea-market trip (post coming up soon), I saw the most beautiful pair of floral pants. I mean really- the colours were vibrant and the print too pretty. And they were in my size (I mean they were a size up but the guy said flea market stuff often runs a size bigger than the standard branded ones. Plus by looking at a pair of pants you can get a fair idea whether they’ll fit you!). So without blinking an eyelid, I grabbed the pair of floral beauties. I mean even if they weren’t my size it wouldn’t have hurt my pocket right! Next thing I know, I was making outfit combinations in my head- and the first and the most obvious one was to pair it with a white top.

So last Saturday I teamed up my new floral pants with a basic white top. The top has full-sleeves which I folded to half (like it better folded-up). For footwear I wore my orange peep-toes which made the orange in the pants pop. And I added an orange stone necklace just to complete the look. Since the pants are a riot of colours, the bag I carried was my tan one. I personally loved the outfit and I can’t wait to wear the floral pants again (and again…)!

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Would you give floral pants a try?