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Saturday 14 September 2013

Blue Butterfly Shirt and Black Trousers: Work Outfit

Ever since I have bought this cute butterfly print H&M shirt I have been obsessed with it. It’s barely been a week since I got this new purchase home and I’ve already worn it thrice! No kidding! And I have worn the shirt for 3 absolutely different occasions i.e. for chilling/ Casual Sunday (you can see the outfit post ), to work (as shown in this post) and for a night-out on Saturday (outfit post coming soon). Is this piece versatile or what?!

I had initially bought this shirt thinking that it would be perfect for work since it’s actually a sleeveless button-up which can be teamed-up easily with black trousers and a skinny belt, like I have worn it here, and come Fall and I can wear this under a beige or a tan blazer. However, the first time I actually wore this shirt, I paired it up white my white pants and was quite pleased with the outcome (you can see it here).

For work, I combined this top with my favourite black trousers and added a skinny belt to make the outfit look more professional. My obvious choice of footwear was my black pumps. And yes, I carried my regular tan bag. Really need to switch bags but this one is just so darn convenient (and it doesn’t hurt that it pretty much goes with every outfit)! I was happy with my outfit. I think the butterfly print on the shirt adds a fun element to the whole look. And who doesn’t like to wear fun clothes to work?!

How do you make your office/work attire fun and interesting? 

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  1. Love the shirt and agree that it will look great under a blazer too. I'm so glad you didnt wear a black handbag with the outfit. I like the contrast if the brown so much.

  2. Thanks, Mimi! :)
    Even I think a black bag would have been kind of predictable and boring. Brown adds an element of interest to the outfit.

  3. Good job getting so much wear out of that top! I like all the ways you wore it :)

    Oh and don't worry about carrying the same purse... I NEVER change mine. Like, ever. I never have the time!