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Friday, 23 August 2013

Some tips for making casual tops/blouses work for Work/Office- Reddish Pink Top and Black Trousers: Work Outfit

We all have days when we do not feel like getting dressed up in formal attire for work (talking about people like me who have formal/business casual dress-code at work). On those days, I just wear an outfit like the one below.
Here I have paired-up a basic reddish pink top with my black trousers. I tucked the top in to the trousers and added a formal black belt to make the outfit ‘work-appropriate’. I added a black/gray scarf which (in my opinion) helped tie the look together (also without the scarf the outfit looked too plain and boring). For footwear I had my black pumps on, and the bag I carried was my regular tan one.

I was not supremely happy with this outfit. But then again, I think the outfit looked work-appropriate and I am not complaining. J
Here are some tips and tricks (which I use) for making casual tops/blouses work for Work/Office:
   -Always make sure that you are wearing formal trousers or formal pencil skirt.
   -Try tucking the top in to the trousers/pencil skirt.
   - Always add a belt to the trousers/skirt.
   - Keep the rest of your accessories formal- for footwear, pumps in neutral colours (black, white, gray, nude, beige, fawn) are the best bet. And it helps if the bag is structured and again, in a neutral palette. We don’t want a neon bag screaming for attention at work please (unless you work in the creative field)!
   -On days when our attire is not exactly formal, compensating by adding formal accessories is a good idea. So adding dainty jewellery, say a strand of pearls or a silk scarf is a good idea.
   -Also, if you have long hair then wearing it in a bun or braiding it helps give you a neat appearance.

Do you have days when you try to make casual tops work for work?

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