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Monday, 26 August 2013

Blue Dress: Weekend Outfit

Sunday was family day meaning I got to spend some quality time with my family J Yay! We all went for the film Madras Café and then came back home to a delicious lunch cooked by my Mum.

So I’ll just tell you a bit about the flick before we head on to my outfit details. The film is a great piece of work- the tense atmosphere in Sri Lanka (in the early 90’s) has been captured realistically. The film deals with the assassination of one of the ex-PMs’ of this country, a topic which was highly covered by the media at that point. However, I had little knowledge (of the intricacies) because I was a child. John puts up a good show and even Nargis Fakri (who was a big letdown in Rockstar) does not disappoint. So if you like films with a realistic touch (without the regular naach-gaana), then I say go watch it. You might as well come out of the theatre with new knowledge of some little-known facts.

Now coming on to my outfit, I’m usually cold in movie theatres. I just can’t stand the AC blasting off. So keeping the situation in mind, I chose to wear a blue dress, and to avoid being uncomfortably cold I added an aqua cardigan. I think the cardigan went along rather well with the dress. I used a wide black belt to cinch the dress at the waist. My choice of footwear was my studded pair of black flats. I carried my black studded bag, which I thought complimented my studded flats.

And of course I had to pose with my sister’s colourful umbrella. 

How do you like this outfit? Looking forward to your comments and feedback.