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A lawyer by profession who has a passion for fashion, beauty and make-up! My love for fashion has fuelled the creation of this blog. I find it mentally stimulating and creatively satisfying to write about the things I love.

Sunday 28 July 2013


I have been crushing on my coral pants ever since I bought them. The colour is gorgeous and the fit is (almost) perfect. And given the rainy weather, they are the perfect colour to uplift the mood and make the day cheery.

So this Saturday, I chose to dress-up in coral yet again. I teamed up the coral jeans with a graphic top in white/blue/purple/gray. I switched my tan bag to a blue Zara one which coordinated well with the top. And my choice of footwear was silver flats. I added a regular dose of sparkle in the form of my watch, sparkly bangles, gold string bracelet and pearl bracelet. I have worn my coral jeans thrice already (and it’s only been about 10 days since I bought them). More coming up on different ways to wear coloured denims soon.

How do you like the outfit?