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Tuesday 29 March 2016

How I Styled My 10 Year Old Skirt

I know I have been far from regular on this blog, and I know that more often than not, I promise to be more regular, but for some reason, I am just not able to keep up with writing about all the fun outfits (IMO) I have been rocking.

However, if you head over to my YouTube Channel, it's a totally different story. I have been posting videos twice, sometimes even thrice a week, and the videos cover everything from fashion to beauty to lifestyle. And incase you are just interested in outfit posts, then you may head to my Instagram, where I post almost everyday!

With that being said, I do want to let you guys know that I will continue to blog, maybe not as regularly as I used to a year back, but you will see outfit posts from me.

Like the one I'm sharing today- it's the perfect outfit for the current weather. I wore it to shopping sometime last week. Now whenever I have to run an errand, or go shopping, I try to dress cute, but even while trying to dress cute, comfort is key! So I chose a simple green top and paired it with a floral chiffon skirt, which, believe it or not, is about 10 years old! Yes, you read it right! And yes, I hold on to my clothes (at least the ones I like) for rather long! Wearing flat footwear was a no-brainer (I'm not the kind who can hop around in heels for long). And to add an element of interest to the outfit, I wore my beaded tassel necklace (which is reminiscent of BaubleBar jewellery). And since it was (and is) rather hot, I wore my hair in a bun. All in all, the outfit was comfortable yet cute! :)

Top: Zara
Skirt: Too old to remember
Sandals: Bata
Necklace: Flea Market
Bag and Earrings: Primark


  1. 10 years old - WOW! Love how you have styled it.

  2. awesome, the skirt is really lovely

  3. It's great how some pieces really can just last throughout so many seasons!

  4. Thanks for sharing... Love your blog!

  5. Wow, lovely skirt, You look beautiful in this pic.