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Friday, 28 November 2014

How to Style Statement Pants: Striped and Colourful

If you’ve seen my Winter Fashion Haul, you would know that I picked up these rather ‘funky’ pants recently, and ever since I got it home I’ve been trying to build outfits around it.

The first time I wore these pants, I paired them up with a loose chambray shirt. Nothing too fancy, but the outfit looked nice enough.

This time around, I wanted to experiment a little with the outfit. However taking into consideration the fact that pants are a statement piece in their own right, I did not want to go too fancy with the top. So I stuck with neutrals like a loose black tee and a structured denim shirt. For footwear, I wore brown/tan flats which mimic the undertones of the pant and bring a sense of harmony to the outfit. I think this outfit is a lot more put-together than the one I wore the first time around (of which I have no photos), but still it does not have a lot going, since the pants are anyway crazy! ;)

How do you like this outfit?


  1. the striped pants are so cute! love your style!


  2. Your stripped pants are great :)

    Thanks for linklng up to Creative Mondays