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Thursday 3 April 2014

Trying to Break Away from the Office-y Mould: Colourblocked Work OOTD- Mustard, Blue and Brown

Hello hello!

Let me start by sharing that I have been featured on Creative Mondays. This spring outfit of mine was chosen by Claire for her Creative Mondays link-up. Super-happy! :)

I've ranted about trying to break out of the 'boring office outfit' mould here. And in an attempt to consciously make my work-wardrobe more interesting and fun (without actually buying new stuff), I came up with this outfit.
I started with wanting to wear these super-comfy trousers (they are like PJs, but of-course they are trousers), but pairing a top with it has always been sort of a problem. Since the trousers are wide-legged/not super-fitted, I always try to wear them with a structured top, and there lies the problem. A regular, collared shirt just won't do (I don't own a lot of lycra based office appropriate shirt), and a tee would be too casual, and on purpose I did not want to wear a fitted tee with a nice scarf, although that would have solved the problem. So after going through my (recently) organised closet, I picked up this sleeveless mustard top, which fits me rather well, and would easily give structure to the outfit. The top is long-ish so I tucked it in the trousers, and just to make the outfit office-appropriate, I added a lightweight blue cardigan. For accessories, I wore some traditional Indian gold earrings and my rose-gold watch. My shoes and bag belong to the brown family, so they look coordinated.

Honestly, I quite like this outfit. I'm wearing (and loving) it as I write this post. How about you? Thoughts and comments welcome! 

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  1. Nice OOTD dear :)
    Your outfit is very chick and cool for summers :)

  2. Loved the outfit! The blue cardigan works perfectly with the overall look

  3. You look fresh and vibrant in this outfit. Loved those comfy trousers :)

  4. you look so adorable..Loved your outfit..

  5. I love the trouser! Nd ofcourse pretty you! :)

  6. really like how great this looks on you. very pretty!

  7. Thanks for joining our link up today! Love those colors together.

    xx, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  8. I absolutely love it! I never would have put those colours and shades together, they suit you and it makes such a lovely change from black! #linky

  9. hello.... I stumbled upon this blog and loved your creativity. Can you please put together some idea for maternity wear for office. Mostly indian kurta with tights style. The idea is to hide the baby bump till its self evident :) like in the 9th month hahaha... but please put together some ideas so that I can follow them.... thanks a ton.


    1. Thanks for your kind words! :)
      I'll try to write a post on the same soonish!

    2. Very nice of you. Thanks a ton.

      I am working in an India based company; has certain conservative culture; I live in Hyd so layering clothes in summer is not a good idea; I take the public transport so need to dress accordingly..... I have been searching for clothing ideas to camouflage my pregnancy .... all help will be highly appreciated.....


  10. Great choice with the top and sweater! Although I bet a top and scarf would have looked great too! This is the perfect office outfit!