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Monday 3 March 2014

Travelogue: The Beginning: With A Twist!!!

I’ve decided that I’ll try to add more to this little blog of mine by sharing my experiences and adventures as I go on with my life. Worry not, fashion would always hold the prime spot here, but I just feel like sharing things apart from fashion and clothes! Hope that’s ok with you! J

So let’s get rolling with my travelogue!

My Hubs and I had planned a week-long vacation, just to get out of the Delhi rut, and as they say, to rejuvenate ourselves. And rejuvenated we were!

Out trip consisted of spending a day in Kualalumpur, Malaysia and then spending the rest of the week exploring the wonders of Bali, Indonesia. We just went about getting our tickets, accommodation and airport shuttle sorted, and left the rest to be experienced as and when we reached our destination/s. Of course, both of us had done a healthy bit of research about the places we were intending to visit, in fact, I might have even made a secret diary with all the places I wanted to see and food I wanted to eat and things I wanted to buy and what not!!! True story!

We had a (not so late) night flight and arrived at the airport well in time. Those of you who know me would know that I like to be punctual (office being the only exception :P). So after checking-in and all, Hubs and I decided to grab a bite before the flight. As he headed to place an order, I comfortably perched myself on a chair and started re-checking (I think the 20th time by now) all the travels documents (I’m a little compulsive like that). After being satisfied that we had everything in order, I saw that Hubs was pointing towards a different table from the food counter. So I gladly relocated my tush there. Once there, I started fiddling with my phone, checking FB, going through photos and all that jazz that we all end up indulging in while waiting for something (in this case, food). And just as I got bored of FBing, I sub-consciously put my hand in my bag and scoured for the little green bag containing the travel documents. To my horror, none could be found. I checked again, only to find that the little green pouch was definitely missing from my handbag! At this moment, I could just cry (or run). Hubs was still at the food counter, and before he could arrive with the food, my mind did a somersault, and I dashed to the previous table I was seated at. To my absolute relief, I found the green pouch lying on the chair. I can’t tell you how happy (more relived I think) I was!!! I know you can pretty much guess what I did next, checked the pouch for all the documents. After being satisfied of its contents, I put the pouch in my handbag and quickly went to my table. As Hubs came with the food, I couldn’t help but blurt out the happenings! And his response was something like, ‘this is what happens when you obsess about something’!!! Whatttt!

All this happened in a matter of 10-12 minutes! But seriously, things could have taken a turn for the worse and the trip could have been ruined before it even began! But thank God, all was well! J

Here you see are happy (and hungry) faces, after the fiasco! J

Happy to pose!

And eat!

What happened next, I shall tell you in my next blog-post.

In case you’re wondering what I wore while traveling, you can read my post on Comfy, Cozy and Colourful Travel Style OOTDThis outfit has also been featured on Creative Mondays! Yay!

Thanks so much for commenting on my last post. I love reading your feedback!

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  1. I am so glad you found all the documents! That would have been horrible!

  2. These stories are fun to read in addition to the fashion and clothes tips!! Nice read!

  3. Awww Anya ((())) been there done that! Glad you found the pouch and everything turned out right. Hey you got some handsome hubby ;-)

  4. happy to hear that everything went ok at the end!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  5. Have an awesome trip! I went to KL 2 years ago and loved it.

  6. I feel stupid for my previous comment now as I just realised you are back from your trip already :D

  7. hahahah.. we did the same first thing to do was to eat and then shop :)

  8. I have a print out of all my documents too. I feel like it is an essential part of the planning process during travels.

  9. omg I would have lost my mind! glad you found them :)