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Tuesday 25 March 2014

Bali Haul Video- Clothes, Bags, Accessories and other Fun Stuff!- YouTube

Hello lovely people!

Most of you who read this blog and/or follow me on Instagram would know that Hubs and I had gone holidaying to Malaysia and Indonesia last month. And although we did not want to spend a lot of time shopping, I did manage to scoop up some rather fun stuff from Bali- I’m talking about clothes, bags and accessories here. If you want to know what all I bought from Bali, hop on to the link below and watch the Bali Haul Video on my YouTube Channel for yourself.

Thanks for reading my last post!



  1. All looks nice! I miss Asia its my home =)


  2. Lovely collection, awesome haul dear :)

  3. you look nice and your skin is also glowing..

  4. OMG those are some gorgeous bags. Perfect for Summer. And your smile shines in this photo!!

    Ada. =)