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Friday, 17 January 2014

OOTD: Smart Casuals

Often you find an Invitation Card on which the dress-code reads ‘Smart Casuals’. Now what does smart casual mean? There’s a very thin line between smart casuals and sloppy casuals.

So you want to pair your comfy jeans but think jeans are too casual to fit in to the category of ‘Smart Casuals’- well, today I shall show you how to take your jeans a notch-up from being boring to interesting and polished.

To give you a little background on this outfit, my friends and I had planned to go for dinner to this newly opened restaurant the city. And I wanted to keep the look casual yet chic. Plus, keeping the Delhi cold in mind, I had to ensure that I was cozy at all times.

So without wasting a second, I pulled out my dark blue skinnies from the closet and combined them with a hot pink sweater. Now, since this combo appeared to be a tad too plain, I added a gorgeous horse-print scarf to the mix. Since the colour of the sweater provided all the brightness to the outfit, I chose the scarf in a neutral colour palette (brown and beige). And to add sophistication to the outfit, I just topped it off with a beige blazer. Now I know some people are wary of wearing blazers, especially outside office, but I suggest you pick up a blazer that fits you well, and you can take it from work to play with great ease. For footwear, I chose my berry heels. And to pull together the entire look, I added berry lipstick. I think it looks rather nice with the pink sweater and berry shoes. I didn’t go overboard with the accessories and stuck to my favourite antique gold ones. Another accessory that I (almost) always sport is my rose-gold watch.

I think this outfit fits quite nicely in the ‘Smart Casuals’ category.

Some tips for a Smart Casual look:

1.      Fit of Clothes: Always ensure that the fit of your clothes is great. You might choose to wear jeans, but make sure that the jeans fit you well.
2.      Accessories: Try paying attention to the accessories- Accessories liven up even the simplest of outfits. A great scarf or a statement necklace makes an outfit look unique and put-together.
3.      Footwear: ‘Smart Casuals’ does not imply you wear casual shoes. Please do not show up in sneakers or trainers. A nice pair of heels adds polish to an outfit, and especially if you’re dressing the casually, it helps make the outfit look polished.
4.      Handbag: If you’re going in for a neutral colour-palette for clothing, you can try carrying a bright handbag. Also, a structured handbag always lends a neater look to the outfit.
5.      Smile: Just be confident in what you wear. And smile loads! J

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  1. You do look smart Anya. love what you did.
    Happy weekend my dear

  2. I think your outfit came together quite well! Smart Casual definitely sounds confusing, I have heard of it but never have experienced it before. Thanks for the tips!

  3. This is definitely a great smart casual look. I think adding a fitted blazer to some jeans totally adds a bit of professionalism.

    <3 Vicki

  4. Love the blazer & scarf - such fun details to this outfit :)

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  5. Beautiful look! Loved the blazer! <3


  6. Tashi shoes again if I'm not mistaken! I'm not blog stalking lol just that i have a fascination for shoes :P and oh great outfit!

  7. You have really dressed up smartly girl :)
    The blazer looks cool and takes the cream :)
    Lovely <3

  8. You always wear the best Smart casual dress code! Gorgeous!