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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Gorgeous Green Chiffon Saree: What I Wore to a Wedding

Remember how I told you I had to attend a string of weddings in the past month?! Well, I still have a couple of weddings to attend this month, but I thought why not give you a look in to the (Indian) outfits I wore to these celebrations.

Starting with this beautiful green saree that I wore to my husband’s friend’s wedding (posted on Instagram), this saree was a part of the ‘wedding sarees’ from my husband’s side. And I had chosen this (and a couple of others) while we were out shopping for wedding related things.

It’s a beautiful green chiffon saree with gold motifs all throughout. Although not visible in the photo, the gold motifs are topped off with delicate kundan work. What I love about this saree is its sheer simplicity - lightweight and manageable, yet dressy enough to be worn to a wedding. The blouse that came with it was in the same colour with a gold zari border. However, I paired it up with a dusty golden blouse. Before my wedding, I got a couple of things made with a view that they would go with tons of Indian outfits, and this golden blouse is one of them. It’s short sleeved and has got a beautiful, deep, round back with gold latkans hanging on to the strings. And yes, just as I’m writing this, I realise that I have forgotten to take a photo of the blouse (the back I mean)!

Since I find sarees to be dressy enough by themselves, I did not go crazy with the accessories. For earrings, I wore beautiful gold jhumkas. And I carried my phone and lipstick in a gold clutch (borrowed from Mum). I had my rosegold watch on one hand and in the other, I wore some green and gold bangles. Another thing I love wearing with Indian outfits is bindis. I think they immediately add a touch of ‘Indian-ness’ to one’s look.

I do not know if I’ve mentioned this earlier, but I do not know how to tie a saree properly. I mean I can make do if I just have to be at home (remember the yellow saree I wore on Karva Chauth- that was tied by moi), but if I’m going out I prefer getting it tied at a beauty parlour. Thankfully, I have one which is stone’s throw away from my house. So when I went to the parlour to get my saree tied, you know what I discovered- that this saree was short! I mean I was hardly wearing 1 inch heels and I had to change in to flats, thanks to the weird width of the saree :/ That was the only bummer.

Tip: Girls, when you’re buying a saree, please check the width. This saree was bought from Nalli and I couldn’t have imagined it to be short on me, but it was! And I’m not even exceptionally tall (I’m 5’6)!
I would love to hear from you.

And yes, a lot of ‘Indian outfit’ posts are in the pipeline.


  1. That Sari is gorgeous!! I've never had any trouble with saris being too short though, I'm 5'5" and I don't usually wear heels so that could make a difference.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :)
      5'5'' qualifies as 'above average' height for women in India (I think). But yeah, I think the heels add up the inches.

  2. Beautiful Sari! You look so pretty! Thanks for sharing your look with Three-fer Thursday!
    xo Bethany

  3. This is a beautiful Saree =)

    Corinne x

  4. Anya you always look absolutely grogeous. And with this Sari there's no exception. You are just beautiful.
    Happy Friday sweetie.

  5. Such a beautiful dress, and the color is my favorite!

    1. Thanks, Shey! :)
      Loved the vintage vibe of your outfit.

  6. Love your Saari!
    The color suites you :D


  7. you look lovely :)

  8. this saree is beautiful! you look lovely in it, and tying a saree isn't that difficult! lol

    1. Thanks, Kayennat! :)
      I had learnt how to tie a saree before my wedding, but somehow I can never manage to get the pleats right. Any tricks to that?

  9. Chiffon is the material which I normally prefer over silk and net. though I love geoegette too. This gree clor chiffon saree looks great on you. But I what I think is it should be little heavy designer saree for a wedding. What say?

  10. Looking very pretty.. & beautiful saree

  11. wow its really amazing sarees. you have good ideas about sarees. I wants to buy bollywood designer sarees for good appearance. thanks for sharing with me.

  12. Absolutely beautiful chiffon saree in green color. The chiffon sarees are vogue in fashion industries. Thanks for sharing great post with us!