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Wednesday 23 October 2013

Tunic, Skinnies and Necklace:Work Outfit

I wore this satin tunic to work sometime last week. I really like the rich fabric and although the tunic is not strictly formal, the richness of the fabric makes the outfit look polished. I usually pair up this tunic with leggings for a relaxed look, but since I was getting dressed for work, I substituted the leggings for skinny pants. And as much as I’d have liked to wear my black pumps, I just opted for my silver flats. I think it looked nice with all the silver in the tunic. I gave the finishing touch to this outfit by adding this beautiful gold/white/glass necklace. The best part about this necklace is that it goes with a lot of clothes in my wardrobe.

Tunic: Export House
Skinnies: Mango
Bag: Gifted
Necklace: Forever 21
Silver Flats: Gifted

If you want to see how I wore this tunic the last time, you can see it here.

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  1. Very pretty! Love the prints on your tunic..such a lovely outfit..:)

  2. I love that tunic and necklace, so pretty! Thanks for sharing your look with Three-fer Thursday!

    xo Bethany

    1. Thanks, Bethany!
      The link-up is a great way of discovering new blogs.

  3. Dropping by from the Three-fer Thursday Linkup! Love your silver sandals. Wishing it was still sandal weather here :)

    <3 Vicki

    1. Thanks, Vicki! :)
      Loved how you used neon accessories to make your monochrome outfit fun and interesting!

  4. I think that tunic is so pretty!! The shiny texture does make the outfit look a little fancier than it otherwise would.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :)
      I think silks and satins always look more polished than other fabrics.

  5. Anya I love your necklace. Sorry hun, I am always late these days, to many things on my plate. You look gorgeous as always. The tunic is so pretty.

  6. Just came across ur blog (via Peachesandblush)...You look Gorgeous :) and this is tunic is awesome..
    I have just seen that some of ur clothes are from export house/consignment store...Can u pls tell me about location of some of the export houses in Delhi/NCR.

    1. Thanks, Divya! :)
      I don't go to a particular export house as such, but there are a couple of decent ones in Noida (Sector 18), Sarojini Nagar, Kalkaji. And some of them also stock up accessories along-with clothes. :)