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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Comfy Brown Pants, Purple Top and Floral Scarf- Work Outfit

As much as I love dressing-up, there are days when I wish that I could just turn up for work in my PJs! And although I cannot ever imagine doing that, I do have a pair of pants that pretty much feel as comfy as my PJs. These (almost) wide-legged gray-ish brown pants are just so roomy and comfy that I can pretty much wear them all the time (did I just use the phrase ‘pretty much’ twice in like 2 sentences?! Ha!).

Okay, so I was talking about the comfy, PJ pants which I love. Last week, I teamed them up with a deep purple top. I added a floral scarf in gray/brown/purple to add interest to the outfit. The shoes I wore were my dark brown pumps and I need not even tell you about my (same old) bag! ;)

Top: Caslon
Trousers: Allen Solly
Bag: Gifted
Scarf: Some boutique
Shoes: Tashi
Sunglasses: M&S

I was happy with the outfit. What do you think? 

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  1. Hi CaC. I would be happy with this outfit too. Love the gorgeous color of your top and the scarf. It's a color that suits you very much. You look amazing. I like this outfit a lot. Especially the pants. Very elegant.

    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Thanks, Lenya! :)
      I love browsing through your blog. You have a great weekend too! :)