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Saturday 31 August 2013


Most women like to shop till they drop! It’s like retail therapy is the best therapy around. Well, I’m not trying to promote consumerism but haven’t we all have experienced the thrill of purchasing a new handbag, or those gorgeous pair of heels or the perfect LBD.

And shopping becomes more fun when there’s a vast range of options to choose from, especially when it comes to our favorite brands. However, as much as I like to hit the malls and scour the flea markets for some girly delights, I sometimes wish that I could just have the perfect dress or shoes or handbag before me at the click of my finger. And with the emergence of “online shopping”, I can do exactly that- fulfill my appetite for shopping just with the click of my finger.

Till around sometime back, I had not been much of an online shopper (so to say). But as I gave it a chance, I realized that perks of online shopping outweigh the (possible) risks that may be associated with it. Now I personally find the option of online shopping very attractive due to the sheer convenience it offers. I can easily browse through an endless variety of clothes and accessories of my favorite brands on the internet. What’s even better is that I can take my own sweet time to analyze the options and decide on what suits me the best, right from the privacy of my home and without those pushy salesmen/women breathing down my neck. I even have the option of asking my family or friends (who cannot always accompany me on shopping trips) whether a particular item of clothing or accessory would suit me.

Here comes the best part of shopping online- deals, discounts and coupons! Now in the mall/retail stores, we only have sale as many times a year, but online we can often find great deals and bargains making our online shopping experience all the more fun, exciting and economical. After all, who doesn’t like huge discounts on those fashionable accessories and clothing?

Interestingly, once when I was looking for such deals, I actually came across this rather interesting website Couponia.in. On reading a little, I learnt that this was a great new website on the internet, which offered coupons and vouchers for a series of Indian online stores, making us eligible for great discounts on some of the best brands.

I also got to know that Couponia has an exclusive association with finest of brands and online stores, including some really popular ones like ‘Myntra’ and ‘Yebhi’. To get the coupons, you just have to visit Couponia and look for your favorite stores (for example here for Myntra or here for Yebhi). Once on the relevant page, go through all the coupons available at the store and select the product you want to purchase. Now, go back to the shopping website (of your choice) and follow the buying process therein. Before you make your final payment, you will be asked to enter the code from the coupon you procured at Couponia. Just enter the code and avail great discounts on the products of your choice. Couponia is simple to use and offers a number of facilities. For instance, you don’t even have to register at the portal to get the coupons. However, if you want regular updates on the current offers, just sign up for their newsletters and gets coupons delivered straight into your inbox. Can it get any easier?! I think not.

What are your thoughts on online shopping? Looking forward to your comments and feedback. J

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  1. Very persuasive piece. You really have convinced me to try online dress shopping. Good job! (y)