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Monday 5 August 2013

Maxi Love- Weekend Outfit

What to wear when you feel like putting zilch effort in to dressing-up?! I say grab a maxi and get going in 30 seconds…well, not exactly 30 seconds but you get the idea! I have already talked about my love for maxis here

So on Saturday evening we decided to head out to a lounge/club near our place. I was not in a mood to put tons of effort in to looking good. I wanted to wear something easy and relaxed without compromising on the fashion quotient (so to say!). Out came my coral maxi. I had bought this Maxi last year on my Birthday and have been loving it ever since. I wore my neutral heels, stuffed my phone, card and lipper in my brown sling bag, added a touch of make-up and I was good to go.

Sling bag

Arm Candy

Super-comfy heels!

What do you wear when you’re not in a mood to get dressed-up but situation demands so?


  1. Looking lovely, really liking the fringe bag :)
    Btw how tall are you? I stay clear of maxi dresses for fear that they might make me look dwarfish :P I am 5'4"

    1. Thanks, Supria! :)

      I am 5'6. And I assure you, with the right maxi dress you wouldn't look "dwarfish" at all. Try finding one in a dark, solid hue. If you prefer printed clothing then try a subtle print, and if there's a vertical pattern, that'd be even better. Also, a little heel never hurt anyone! :D

  2. hi,

    I like your blog very much, appriciate if you could add the name of the store/ shop or market what you are wearing in any post.thnx :)

    Happy (belated) friendship day , love- Vijeta

    1. Thanks, Vijeta! :)
      Happy Friendhsip's Day to you too.
      I will surely add the name of the stores from where I buy my clothes!

  3. You look so cute! I LOVE maxi dresses soooo much!

    You should definitely join the budgeting bloggers! Just comment on the below post and let Fran know you want to be on the email list for when a new link-up is live!


    1. Thanks, Ash! :)

      I'll join the 'budgeting bloggers' asap!