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Sunday 11 August 2013

Current Favourites: Gadgets, Accessories, Beauty, Skincare and Make-up

I thought I’d give you a sneak peek in to some of the things that I have been loving (and using) currently.

·         Blackberry Q5 (birthday gift from Hubs)- Although I am no gadget freak, I absolutely love this phone- it has the goodness of Blackberry (qwerty) and the ease of touch-screen. Lovely, I say!
·         I-Touch. This is my only Apple product and I love it. It has all the apps and qualities of an i-phone, minus the phone. All my music is on this device.
·         Tommy Hilfiger Rose-gold watch. Whoever has read my blog knows how obsessed I am with this watch. I stack it up with some sparkly bracelets and bangles almost daily.
·         Black clutch hairclip- With my long hair, this clip comes in quite handy.
·         L’oreal True Match Foundation in Golden Beige (D3)- Love it. Easily blendable and such great staying power.
·         Candied Ginger Lip Balm by The Body Shop – I have had this balm for a while now and I like to use it just before I wear my lipstick.
·         Maybelline Lip Liner in 338 (Midnight Plum)- It’s a gorgeous plum colour which looks great in the night. I sometimes dab a bit of it during the day just to add some colour to my face.
·         Bright lipsticks- Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour lipstick on 160 (Infinitely Fuchsia) and Oriflame Visions 5076 (Coral Red). Although it says “Coral red” the Oriflame lipstick is more burnt orange than red.
·         Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 05- It’s a great cream blush to add some colour and sheen to the cheeks.
·         Sparkly Bangles and Pearl Bracelet- Love them!
·         Hot Pink Hairband. One of the most useful hair accessories to keep those strands from falling on my face.
·         Ittar: Concentrated perfume oil.
Incolor Kajal- Although missing from the photo, this post will tell you how much I love this Kajal
And just in case you’re wondering what’s the base on which I’ve gathered all the stuff, it’s the August 2013 edition of Elle Magazine! J

What are your current favourite items?


  1. Lovely picks dear
    Keep in touch

  2. Nice collection. Please review the l'oreal foundation. I am desperate for a foundation but each foundation breaks me out. MAC, MUFE, EL, I am tired :(

    1. Preeti, it's a great foundation (considering I've got sensitive skin). Will review it soon. :)