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Tuesday 16 July 2013

THAT 70’s SHOW: Outfit of the Day

Who liked watching ‘That 70’s Show’? I did. And I loved Mila Kunis’ style on the show. Colourful, bright and fun. To be honest, I love everything 70’s- clothes, fashion, music, interiors etc.

Coming on to today’s outfit, I have had this sheer, floral shirt for a couple of years now. The bold floral print and the bright colours caught my interest. And I thought it would look nice teamed up with some trousers for work or wide-legged denims for a casual setting. So I paired it up with my chocolate brown trousers and some brown pumps to head to work. As a finishing touch, I added a dark brown belt. And when I looked at the photos of this outfit, it screamed 70’s to me J

For accessories I had my tan leather bag and little gold studs. Sunglasses are a must.

Do you like the 70s for its fashion? Or do you prefer the current trends more? Drop me a line.