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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SPRUCE UP YOUR SPACE: How to Dress-Up a Table/Cupboard

Hello lovely readers!
I have written a guest post on how to Spruce Up Your Space on Ankita’s fun home-décor blog The Bangalore Snob. Read on and let me know how you like it Sprucing Up Your Space 
Here goes the post:
I got married recently and ever since I have been trying to add a little personalised touch to our home. Although the house is furnished and decorated, I am always rearranging the furniture and adding knick-knacks to make it cozy and colourful.

I have always had a soft spot for vibrant, colourful, kitschy interiors. I love colour and try to incorporate it in every aspect of my life, our home being one of them. So when I moved in to my new home (with my husband), I sub-consciously started adding colour in terms of art and décor items.

We have a decent amount of stuff and so having functional pieces (read furniture with storage space) is our priority. Now we had this plain table/cupboard in the room which did not really go with anything else. First we thought we will do away with it but then it was a decent size cupboard with a drawer on op that could easily provide some extra storage space. And I am never the one to turn down storage space. So I got my creative juices flowing in the direction of dressing up the table/cupboard.

The cupboard is pretty much like a brown box with a drawer at the top and a door which opens up below it. Since it was too plain and too brown, I started by adding a bright coloured table-cloth at the top. The green and white table-cloth instantly perked up the look of this piece of furniture. And just to let you in on a little secret, the table-cloth is actually a pillow cover which we do not use any more. 

Then for some more colour, I added this cute little pair of figures. I had picked up two pairs from a local market much before my wedding (one for my Mum’s house and another for Hubs’). The cupboard looked so much better already. I further added a couple of wine bottles that we had managed to finish in no time ;) Besides the wine bottles I placed an antique Agarbatti/Incense stick stand. I love the look of this piece, It has so much character. And it is perfect for filling up the room with sweet scent. And to finish the look I added a plastic auto-rickshaw. The green wine bottles complemented the colour of the table-cloth and the yellow/green auto added a fun element to the whole look of the cupboard.

I am happy with what I managed to make out of this piece of furniture. It is functional and beautiful at the same time. And I did not buy anything new. It is a mix of all the stuff that we had in our house. Sometimes a little creativity is all you need to spruce up your space. J
Do let me know if you would like to read more about home decor.


  1. Good work, Anya! I love that you used a pillow cover on top of the table - such a good idea! I love that you used what you already had on hand - that's definitely the best kind of way to spruce up a space!

    1. Thanks, Ash! :)
      I think with a little bit of creativity we can create cozy nooks and corners in the house with whatever is lying around.