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Sunday 14 July 2013


It is Sunday…yayyy! No one can underestimate the power of ‘Sunday’ J Especially us working folks. And looks like even the weather Gods have heard us. As I type this, it’s pouring outside. Much needed respite from the terrible Delhi heat and humidity.

Coming on to the fun part, I had to run some errands in the afternoon and while trying to dress-up a little fancy shmancy I came up with this outfit. Now it’s not fancy by any standard, but it still gives me a sense of being ‘put-together’. Floral skirt with a mint green top, and some black pumps. See, it sounds pretty dressy, doesn’t it? And it’s easy in the rains. Who wants to dirty those jeans and trousers in the monsoons? Not me!

Also, I carried my pink/black faux snakeskin bag as it fits all my necessities (read phone, keys, lip-balm, perfume, i-touch). For accessories, I added a dainty necklace and wide black belt.

What’s your choice of outfit on a lazy Sunday? Do you like getting dressed-up or prefer lounging around in your PJs? Drop in a line J

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